7/31 Statement, Greensboro Federal Courthouse

Katie read the following statement on the morning of 7/31, on the steps of the Federal Courthouse in Greensboro:

“My name is Katie Yow. In a moment I will be going inside this courthouse, and I will be resisting a grand jury subpoena. Whatever happens today or in the future, I will continue to resist this grand jury subpoena. Things are really tough right now, and we are much, much tougher. And as we face state repression and all of the things that we struggle against, it is so critical that we mean what we say to each other. And resisting this grand jury is one way I can show you I mean what I say, and that we as anarchists mean what we say. My community means everything to me. Anarchism means everything to me. I am strong enough to do this because of you.”