Update on Contempt Hearing, 8/25

After Katie refused to testify on July 31st, the Assistant US Attorney informed her and her lawyer that the government would be requesting contempt and that she was not released from the subpoena. Since that time, she has been waiting on notice from the court about the status of her subpoena and whether a contempt hearing will be held. This afternoon, the AUSA informed Katie’s attorney that there are no new updates. She has not received any notice from the court. We believe this means that Katie will not be required to appear before the grand jury again when it convenes next week. However, she has not been released from the subpoena and a contempt hearing could be scheduled in the future. We will continue to provide updates as they happen.

pinecone complete pdf

In the meantime, our whole community and Katie will continue to resist this grand jury. Whatever the next steps are and whenever they come, Katie will always refuse to testify.

Our community supports Katie, and we all stand in solidarity with each other. Communities across NC are holding firm and having each other’s backs while we deal with not only this grand jury, but all the other state repression people are facing in our area. Keep loving each other well and helping each other build strong networks of support andpowerful walls of silence.

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