Some Updates from NC Resists

FBI Visit in Western NC

We’ve gotten news about a recent FBI visit in Western NC. You can read info about it here. We send our love and support to these folks, and everyone who stays silent and goes public when the FBI attempts to question them. Check the post for more resources, and if you are in NC and contacted by the FBI, tell your community and contact NoRepressionNC [at] for help and resources.

Updates on Katie

Nothing has changed with Katie’s case since our last update, and she is waiting to find out when/if she will be noticed to appear again by the US Attorney’s Office or the Court. We are continuing to support her through this waiting period, and are ready for whatever comes next. In this district, the federal grand jury meets the last Monday and Tuesday of each month. Since we may not know things with advanced notice, be prepared on these days if you are able to show up for solidarity demos and hearings at the Greensboro Federal Court House to support Katie and grand jury resistance. We’ll post any updates here, and you can also donate to Katie’s support.

Stay Updated

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Recent Media Coverage

Check out the list of articles on this page, and don’t miss this recent article in The Nation.

Upcoming Events

Political Prisoner Letter Writing Night, at The Pinhook, Durham, NC, Wednesday, 9/20, 6 – 10 PM

The Pinhook and NC Resists are hosting a political prisoner letter writing night. We’ll have supplies and stamps. We’ll write letters for September birthdays, and folks inside needing support right now. We’ll also have a place to drop sweet notes to Katie.


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